Rohit Keshav

Full Stack | Software Engineer at AIG | MS in Computer Science

Work Experiences


New York, NY
Backend Developer
Aug '19 - Present

Investments AI team

Tarifica Ltd.

New York, NY
Software Engineer Intern
Jan '19 - May '19

Spring 2019 Internship

  • Developed and deployed a Django server which runs web scrapers periodically using Celery workers and Redis
  • Integrated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using GitHub and CircleCI, thus allowing for rapid new releases
  • Implemented a module to allowed scheduling tasks using simple markup (.yaml)
  • Implemented a common database schema for all the raw scraped data
  • Developed user interface for the application using ReactJS
  • Setup permission based REST-full API's to access data from the client side

Stevens Institute of Technology

Hoboken, NJ
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Aug '18 - Dec '18

Graduate Teaching Assistant for CS 511: Concurrent Programming

  • Grade students weekly on assignments and quizzes
  • Answer questions covering the material taught in class to enhance a student’s understanding of thread synchronization and concurrency
  • Hold weekly office hours, to assist students with homework, quiz, solving exercise booklets and exam prep
  • Designing homework assignments, write unit test and class handouts

Emplay Analytics Inc.

Dublin, CA
Software Engineer Intern
Jun '18 - Aug '18

Summer 2018 Internship

  • Developed and deployed a feature for a Chatbot to schedule and manage meetings via email, using NodeJS
  • Developed a working NLP module to scrape, clean and label training documents (.ppt, .pdf, .txt etc.)
  • Prototyped a text classifier that would use the labeled data to provide NLP capabilities to the Chatbot
  • Developed a module to retrieve information from the scraped data based on a user’s conversational query

Emplay Analytics Inc.

Bangalore, India
Full Stack Developer
Aug '16 - Aug '17
  • Developed various solutions to integrate analytical models into ‘SalesGPS’ a data-driven analytics platform that consumes CRM data to provide turn by turn action recommendation to a sales representative
  • Contributed towards developing the ‘Query Language Interpreter’, an internal framework that extended Django ORM’s native APIs
  • Developed the sales coaching module, that streamlined the process of delivering reports to sales reps
  • Implemented an intuitive data management module that allowed for a user to upload a new dataset, map columns, add merge and validation rules

SimplySane Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore, India
Full Stack Developer Intern
Jan '16 - Jul '16
  • Developed and deployed the ecommerce platform using Django, AngularJS and Heroku
  • Implemented REST-full Api's for various use-cases
  • Setup multi-role authentication on the app i.e. seller, consumer and staff
  • Setup and implemented an asynchronous architecture for delayed tasks using Django signals and Celery workers


MS Computer Science

Stevens Institute of Technology
2017 - 2019

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering

VIT University, Vellore
2011 - 2015

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Advance, 4 years


Intermediate, 3 years

Other Skills

Django Flask JavaScript NodeJS Erlang ReactJS
Redux MongoDB PostgreSQL Docker Git AWS Redis


Similar Question Recommendation System

StackOverflow’s similar questions recommendation clone

Test driven code evaluator

Code evaluation app built on a micro-service based architecture using Docker built with Flask, ReactJS

Cron Scheduler

Wrapper with the intent to act as boilerplate to setup python scripts as cron jobs


A job discovery chatbot

Meeting Scheduler

NodeJS module to schedule event on email - for the lack of a better one
Private - Ongoing Project

Distributed cloud storage

Golang based distributed architecture to provide storage as a service
Private - Ongoing Project


A cross platform image sharing desktop app being built on Electron and ReactJS

Search Engine

Search engine built on top of a modified compressed trie implementation

Spider Punk

Scrapy based spider for jobs at Federal Reserve

Yard Blog

Blog with REST api endpoints

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